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A Dormir, Monstruos! (2012)

by Ed Vere(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
842613890X (ISBN13: 9788426138903)
review 1: This book is geared to boys because it is talking about a monster. I really liked how the author of this book went in great detail describing the monster, and what he likes to do. The book was talking about how the monster would go about eating his victims. In the end, all he really wanted was to give sloppy kisses. The book also described that all monsters need to go to bed just like all young children do. I think that this would be a great book to read to a child who is struggling to go to bed. It will show the child how important their bedtime is.
review 2: This book would be a perfect book for Halloween and talking about scary monsters. It was a good book that because a good teacher could make this very interactive. You could ask all the kids how they felt
... moreabout the monster thinking about you in an eating-you-up kind of way. Or if they are scared yet. It would be a fun book to read with all the children and it will get them to use their imagination. less
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Would make a good readaloud for a bedtime-themed storytime -- outside the usual for that topic.
Probably a cute book for little kids, but not one I would really pick out to give mine.
All the scary suspense leads you to a monster's kiss! Clever and cute book.
Another new, silly monster book just in time for my October storytime.
This is just adorable. Highly recommend!
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