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Vegetable Gardener's Container Bible (2011)

by Edward C. Smith(Favorite Author)
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1603429751 (ISBN13: 9781603429757)
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review 1: I found this to be a brilliant resource as I am a beginning gardener with dreams of growing my own food. As someone who needs a step by step on how to start a vegetable garden, I found this book to be invaluable. As a detail oriented person, I appreciated how the book is broken down into chapters about best soil composition, sizes of containers, most satisfying crops (according to the author), etc... In the chapter about the different crops, the author even describes potential pests and how to deal without using chemical pesticides. This book has certainly inspired me to start a few crops on my deck for this summer.
review 2: This book serves as something of a mentor for those who want to grow food, but lack a yard. It's starts out with encouraging words,
... moreand quickly gets in to explanations of where to begin. Chapters are devoted to a single topic such as, choosing the proper containers, the right potting mix, and what special tools and accessories may become necessary.There is a ton of information about how much space, sunlight, and water that different plants require, as well as insight about what grows well together, what looks good together, and how you can maximize your harvest, never letting growing space go unused. There are entire chapters dedicated to pest identification and management, when and how to harvest, and even step-by-step directions on how to pack up for the winter. The second half of the book is an alphabetized list of successful veggies, listing specific recommendations for pots, planting/harvesting times, and pest control concerns. These recommendations are based on the author's personal experiences with container gardening.Although I'd still like to read Carrots Love Tomatoes, I feel like this book is damn close to telling me everything that I need to know. less
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Can't wait to see how my garden grows this summer. Easy to read, good organization.
Really Really complete and easy to understand, great for any gardener.
Well written book about container gardening.fin
Lots of good info - very helpful.
informative and easy to follow.
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