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I Spy With My Little Eye (2011)

by Edward Gibbs(Favorite Author)
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0763652849 (ISBN13: 9780763652845)
review 1: Summary: Edward Gibbs uses the “I-Spy” game to his advantage in this picture book. He uses spy holes in the pages that peek through to the next page. Each page describes an animal that will appear as you turn the page with a color and a little descriptor about it. Children can guess what animal will appear when they turn the page based on the descriptors.Personal Response/Critical Response: This book is awesome. Not only can it be used in my classroom but parents can use it too. Children will love it because they can relate to this book. The “I-spy” game is a HUGE hit when children are young. I remember playing it all the time when I was a child, especially in the vehicle while driving! Children will love the guessing game/suspense when turning the page and seeing ... morewhat animal is on the next page. :-)Description of Illustrations: The author and illustrator use bold illustrations—the animals that follow the die-cut holes, cover the whole page and stick out immensely because they are so big. Children will love the big pictures of the animals because children love animals. Also, these pictures are bold and stick out to the audience. The pictures are done in great water colors that elaborate the pictures of each animal in great detail.Classroom Connections: This book can be used to help children distinguish between colors and introduce them. It can also be a great book to review colors. After reading this book to the class, I will assign each student to draw a picture of their favorite animal and underneath each picture they will identify the color of the animal and describe one thing about it. (Where does the animal live, what does it eat, what sound does it make)
review 2: The clues are probably above the heads of my toddlers (and, in a few cases, me, at least until I turned the page), but the colors are fun. I think the Farm book gave better clues than this one, and this one's focus might be overly broad. (Again, I'm reading this with a roomful of toddlers in mind; older kids and/or one-on-one could be an entirely different story. I think this would be super-fun to read with a different audience.) less
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really fun except lions don't live in jungles and the frog is TERRIFYING
Simply beautiful! A delightful book to share with a PreK-K age child.
Peek a boo book with great artwork.
Fun for all!
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