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The Messengers (2013)

by Edward Hogan(Favorite Author)
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1406337188 (ISBN13: 9781406337181)
Walker Books
review 1: Frances is struggling with stress. She's staying on the coast to try and seperate herself from stuff that's going on with her family but she's persued by vivid visions that show her distressing scenes of people having fatal accidents. When she meets Peter Kennedy and discovers that he has the same affliction she also learns that her visions become reality for those that they see.Peter explains that he believes he has to inform the people he sees in his visions of thier fate, or terrible things will happen to his own loved ones. Frances begins to fear for her family and feel taht she may have brought thier current troubles on them by not reacting to the visions so far...After reading Daylight Savings I was SOOOOO excited to read Ed's next book. Messengers has a good idea to... more it and it's quite well woven, but it sadly didn't capture the imagination in the same way.It wasn't a bad book, it just didn't blow me away. I'll still read anything he publishes in the future though as his writing style has a great voice to it taht's easy to get absorbed into.
review 2: Review by Tomos - Year 8The book is about gifted people known as “messengers”. They experience blackouts and afterwards draw a picture of someone dying. They have to “deliver the message” within two days and then they die. The main character is called Frances. She spends the story defying her gift and battling to change the fate of the people in her portraits.POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT***My favourite part of the book is when Frances and Maxi save Kelly’s life at The Pink Barracuda. I like this part because it inspires hope and a chance to save lives. I liked Maxi because he was cool and helped Frances even when he didn’t know what the full situation was and shouldn’t have really. He was a great friend to Frances.***I disliked the ending because it all happened very fast and an incident occured I didn’t agree with. I think the ending could have been written better. Yes, I would have liked to have seen the ending written differently. It was hurried and the quality of writing dipped slightly. I think it could be better.I hadn’t heard of Edward Hogan before but I enjoyed this book very much. An excellent read. I would recommend this book to others because it was great. I think it suits the “12-15 teen fantasy” genre.I don’t think the book is unsuitable. There are one or two uses of bad language in the book but I think this adds to the book by making the reader feel trusted and grown-up. Also, there is some romance in the book but nothing too mature.I would give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating. A great story but the ending needs improvement. less
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I love the idea behind the story but sadly this book isn't drawing me in like I expected it to.
Hauntingly beautifully unique.
3.75/5 full review to follow
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