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Hot Time In The Old Town: The Great Heat Wave Of 1896 And The Making Of Theodore Roosevelt (2010)

by Edward P. Kohn(Favorite Author)
3.13 of 5 Votes: 4
0465013368 (ISBN13: 9780465013364)
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review 1: If you thought, after Edmund Morris, David McCullough, Candice Millard and Douglas Brinkley, that there was no crevice in Theodore Roosevelt's life left to explore, well ... looks like you were right. Edward Kohn tries to plump up the importance of a disastrous New York heat wave in Roosevelt's development into presidential timber, but it's just not believable. Worse yet, the book reads like a Ph.D dissertation from a low-rent state school -- that is, it's dry and repetitive. The insights are few and strained here, and the swaggering TR never comes alive on the page.
review 2: Although the book title includes Theodore Roosevelt, the book is only partially about him. The star of the book is a heat wave in the midwest and east coast that left a swath of death an
... mored distruction during the an important event in the presidential campaingn of William Jennings Bryan. Political junkies will enjoy this book and possibly come to the same realization tht I did. The mud slinging and money are nothing new. less
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Good history of the period. The making of Teddy Roosevelt and the breaking of Wm. jennings Bryant.
I enjoyed this historical peek back in time to a steamy summer in an unprepared town.
Read kind of like a thesis or research paper, but interesting nonetheless.
Nonfiction but reads like a novel. Very good.
You have to skip through the repetetive parts
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