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Final Sail (2012)

by Elaine Viets(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
0451236742 (ISBN13: 9780451236746)
NAL Hardcover
A Dead-End Job Mystery
review 1: Helen Hawthorne has finally climbed back to respectability. No more dead end jobs. She is now a partner in her new husband's detective agency. This book covers two cases. One involves the death of an 80 year old man and his very young bimbo wife. The man's daughter is sure this was murder. Both Phil and Helen work on this one. The other case involves an elegant yacht whose captain want the detectives to catch a jewel smuggler from among his crew. Helen goes undercover as a cabin steward to ferret out the smuggler. If life on this yacht is now the ultra rich live, I want no part of it. I'll settle for my comfortab;e middle class life!
review 2: Packed with Suspense between the covers, August 18, 2012 By Ellen Rappaport (Florida) This review is from: Fi
... morenal Sail: A Dead-End Job Mystery (Hardcover) This is the latest in the Dead end Job mysteries and I've read them all. Apparently the author has not reached her limit in bringing non-stop suspense to this series. This book proves it.Helen and Phil meet with attorney Nancie Hays in her office. Nancie's client, Violet Zerling, can barely contain her anger regarding the condition of her elderly father and how he came to be in this state. Violet wants immediate attention and action in finding proof that her father has been poisoned by his trophy wife. Nancie has requested that both Helen and Phil do the job and get the results needed.Phil signs on with Blossom, Mr. Zerling's trophy wife, as her estate manager. Phil is hoping that by working on the inside he can gain access to important information. Helen shows up as a minister in order to spend time with Mr. Zerling in the ICU unit.Then Phil recieves a call for another job from Captain Josiah Swingle. It appears that he came across emeralds being smuggled onboard the yacht he commands. He needs someone to go undercover as a newly hired stewardess. Helen fits the bill for this job and so off she goes on a luxurious yacht as a stewardess. But what exactly does this job require? One of the worst of the manual labor jobs in dead end job history...in my opinion. Poor Helen was worked to death, but she held up through it all.I found this book to be filled with action and suspense. I enjoyed it as much if not more than the previous Dead End Job mysteries. Helen proved herself to be Phil's equal as a P.I. A real adventure and never boring.I was also happy to read that Helen may be dealing with a previous situation by coming out truthfully to Phil. But you will have to read this book to find out what situation I'm referring to.Great book and great series for all cozy lovers. less
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3.5 always like her books. dead-end job on cruise ship--don't ever try it.
A fast paced story with lovable characters. An enjoyable read.
Not quite as engaging as Board Stiff.
i like this series-nice cozy
Easy read mystery
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