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Death On A Platter (2011)

by Elaine Viets(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
045123524X (ISBN13: 9780451235244)
Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper
review 1: Although the foods that Josie is required to sample in her 7th assignment repel her, the victuals sound appealing to me.Mystery Shopper series - Josie Marcus feels apprehensive about her new assignment-a culinary tour of St. Louis that includes sampling not only pizza and toasted ravioli but also brain and pig ear. At Off the Hill restaurant, owned by 76-year-old Tina Minnelli, a friend of Josie's mother, Jane, drunk and troublemaker Clay Oreck collapses and dies after demanding and getting hotter sauce for his ravioli. When Tillie is arrested for Clay's murder, Jane insists that Josie find the real killer. Josie identifies a number of suspects, including Clay's wife, Henrietta; his girlfriend, Gemma ; and chef Jeff.
review 2: I will never look at our Rosary Be
... moreads in the same manner as before I read this book. That being stated, I think this was the best novel in this series yet. Josie Marcus, a single mother of one young lady wise beyond her years, pays the bills by being a 'Mystery Shopper.' In this volume Josie was shopping for traditional St. Louis foods and restaurants. Our talented Author, Elaine Viets, shows us a view of St. Louis which is honest and perhaps not favored by the Chamber of Commerce. I truly loved learning the history of the good, run-down, and restored neighborhoods of St. Louis. What I did not know was they have their own versions of Pizza, Barbecue, and a delicious, but calories laden version of Toasted Ravioli. To this native Californian, these dishes were heavenly and even shocking to my taste buds.The owner, Tillie of Tillie's Off the Hill, is accused of murder when a rowdy patron dies while eating a souped up version of the dipping sauce accompanying the famous Toasted Ravioli. Tillie is a life long friend of Josie's Mother and is commanded by the same to solve the murder now. During the solving of the crime, Josie finds out just how much her boyfriend really cares for her and her daughter. Her Mother, Jane finds herself a victim of a mail fraud scheme and daughter, goes through growing pains.This was a very nice murder mystery to sit down and become immersed. less
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another exciting and hilarious well-written novel that kept me on the edge when i was reading it.
I love this series. They are always a good read.
A really good read.
Lots of fun!
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