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Ten Thousand Saints. Eleanor Henderson (2013)

by Eleanor Henderson(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 5
1780872194 (ISBN13: 9781780872193)
review 1: Reading this book was a strange twisted trip down memory lane. The author set her novel in the late 80's hardcore, straight edge scene, and it was a bit unsettling to delve into a world of which I was a part shortly after. From the fights, to the the Krishna temples, zines, and shows - the author managed to closely capture the attitudes within the scene with only a smidge of cliche. I got so caught up in the setting that I didn't pay close attention to the actual plot at first, but Jude's journey, and those of friends, was so familiar that I couldn't help it.
review 2: This is very well-written for a debut novel and I heard they're making it into a movie so good on ya for that. It's not schmaltzy, not every plot point was beaten over your head and there is g
... moreood energy and pacing in the writing. There are A LOT of themes in this and they all just muddy together. The ambiguity in the epilogue seemed unnecessary. It also felt that this was written based on stories the author heard and research, it didn't feel like the author lived this. It just felt a little inauthentic or detached to me. Some of the punk references were really crowbarred in there. I would recommend this for people who like to read the book before the movie and those who really enjoyed coming of age novels. If you were/are a part of this scene I would recommend skipping. less
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Was definitely interesting, but by the end I was wondering what was the point? It ended abruptly.
A story delivered with beautiful prose. Each sentence deserves a second read.
a really sad book about straight edge kids in late 80s new york and vermont.
Epic tale of teenagers with hippy parents -- well written and transporting.
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