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Breakfast In Bed (2011)

by Eleanor Moran(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 4
075154549X (ISBN13: 9780751545494)
Little, Brown Book Group
review 1: It had issues this book but overall I liked it because it's a long while since I've read so much about a chef and cooking. Clearly a Gordon Ramsay clone, the male lead is just a bit too clichéd. As were other aspects of plot and character but I still enjoyed it. I know for certain I'd hate to work in a kitchen! I'd have liked more from Dom to convince me about the ending but really - there was no other way this story could have ended.
review 2: Something i really liked in this book was the relationship between Oscar and Amber. The hot and cold between them grabbed my attention. But that was about it. I finished the entire book, but as others have, i felt the chracters predictable and 'conveniently' placed. The ending wasn't what i had expected, neither was the
... more 'shock' second proposal from Dom that came at a time that didn't make sense but yet she accepted. I think the book could use a stronger finish instead of tying it up so neatly for the readers. I don't like a book that ends with too much question marks though, but this was a really big full stop. less
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Most stupid book I've ever read...
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