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Die Frau, Die Nie Fror (2014)

by Elisabeth Elo(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 1
3550080387 (ISBN13: 9783550080388)
review 1: Poor little rich girl gets mixed up with mobsters when her friend's boat is purposely capsized and he dies. Lots of great supporting characters but the plot was thin and the character not believable. Pirio is Russian and heir to a major perfume company, she swims and survived four hours in the ocean without hypothermia when the same boat went down. The Navy subplot is interesting but is only used to make the plot even more unbelievable. It was slow slogging through the descriptive parts and they don't really add to the plot. It got rave reviews but not for me.
review 2: I really enjoyed this book. It is an environmental mystery that takes place in Boston and the Labrador Peninsula. It has lots of action and it is well crafted. I found the character of the pr
... moreotagonist, Pirio, to be well developed. She is the narrator of the story and the author has given her a smart mouth and a lot of spunk. The other part of the book that I liked was the fact that the author takes the time through out the book to take side trips in the narrative to provide you with additional information. The one that I found fascinating was the account of survival in freezing water and what the human body has to deal with when trying to survive. less
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Good story. A slightly slow start, but couldn't put it down by the end.
Great fast paced mystery set in Boston - read it in 2 days !
really well done, her first novel, hope it's not her last
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