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Bound To Seduction (2012)

by Elisabeth Naughton(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
Smashwords Edition
review 1: Sounds crazy but I actually like this book. I got it free on my kindle back at the beginning of the year and just recently realized I hadn't read it (still trying to catch up in my multiple book collection). I enjoyed this from cover to close and my still get the next book in the series. This is about a Djinn (yes, people a genie..LOL) but he has been captured by a witch and made to do what she ever she tells him too until his finally falls in love. His woman breaks him free finally but his brothers are still bound. Its a excellant take on Djinn's and it was a hot read too. LOVED IT!!!!
review 2: This introductory erotic short for the series has an intriguing premise but I wasn't completely won over by this entry. Djinn Prince Tariq is bound to powerful sorcere
... moress Zoraida and tasked to collect souls by granted wishes to the ever changing owners of a magical firebrand amulet. While looking for a way to break his captivity, Tariq finds that the sorceress also holds both of his brothers and the only way to save them is to continue to complete his assignments. Tariq feels he cannot steal the soul of his latest customer, Mira Dawson because he wants her for himself so he finds ways to drag out the completion. Mira wants most to become more desirable to a fellow at work who goes completely out of her mind after she meets Tariq. There were things I did like here, for instance, Tariq as a reluctant captive and Zoraida as the ruthless and powerful sorceress. The portion of the ending designed to whet your appetite for the next book was well executed and makes me curious because the books are novellas. Rating on Smexy-ness only would give it a much higher rating. Based on the first couple of pages and the synopsis I wanted more. My list of things that didn't work for me was just as long. That I can't say I found Mira of interest mainly due to her flat character. This was very much standard erotica in terms of the object was to get the leads in bed together as quickly and as often as possible. I found the quick availability of answers for Mira once she started doing her research implausible and after spending a total of less than 6hours over the course of a couple of days the unquenchable love and desire to make this man her life - especially with the total of words exchanged not pertaining to sex were less than fifty. less
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a great fast read with lots of plot and lovin'. Gonna have to keep up with this series i think.
I loved reading this book and cannot wait till I have the others to find out what happens next.
Ok story...quick read.
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