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Stolen Seduction (2010)

by Elisabeth Naughton(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 2
0505527952 (ISBN13: 9780505527950)
Love Spell
Stolen Series
review 1: Hailey has to find six bronze statues to figure out her fathers will. She left the police department to run the family resort business when her father got ill. Now if she wants to keep the business she has to solve the riddle of the will. But while looking for one of the statues she becomes the person of interest in her cousins death. Now of course Shane has to be the cop who gets to investigate her. There are sparks that fly anytime they get close to each other. They fall hard and fast for each other but can they stay alive long enough to solve the puzzle her father has left for her. This book has so many twists and turns it keeps your interest from the beginning to the end.
review 2: This was my 2nd favorite book in the series (the first was my favorite). Th
... moree male character has a darkness and some secrets but it will all be explained. The female character is a spunky spitefire. She was enjoyable in the other two novels as well. I hope there will be more stories with these characters. The were some loose ends so maybe...fingers crossed.****SPOILERS****I liked how all the characters came together and you were able to see they truly are one big dysfunctional family. less
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interesting story. adventure and suspense with a lot of antagonism. good end to the trilogy.
Loved the book, but all the typos were distracting. Could use more editing.
Another great read by Elisabeth! Full of suspense and romance!
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