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Lethal Consequences (2000)

by Elisabeth Naughton(Favorite Author)
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Aegis Security
review 1: Originally reviewed for Tea and Book. So here it is, an Elisabeth Naughton book.. I grabbed it and was prepared to face yet another sleepless night. After all this is Elisabeth we are speaking about. What a build up, right? The question is, did it live up to it's billing? Lethal Consequences is the second full book in her Aegis Security Series and I will admit I thoroughly enjoyed it.It built off the relationships in Extreme Measures, bringing in siblings and co workers. Relationships have already been established and we already have a perception of who these characters are.. Except Elisabeth being Elisabeth shows us a depth of character that tosses all of our perceptions out the window.Olivia Wolfe was an almost stereotypical teacher in a small town. A staid, normal life ... moreuntil she was kidnapped and used as a pawn for her sister. Held hostage and surviving only because she was successfully "extracted". Her hero, savior, superman remained firmly in her mind. Having become text buddies and long distance friends, Olivia decided to be daring and break out of her boring predictable life and visit him while she was in Europe (which she totally engineered so she could be "in the neighborhood). Only nothing ever works out that easily. Landon Miller thinks Olivia is just about the perfect woman. A woman he wouldn't mind having a relationship with. Only Landon doesn't trust relationships, doesn't "do" relationships. And with Olivia?? No way could he possibly be good enough for her.. and her sister... Olivia is definitely hands off. So what does he do? He brings a babe back to his hotel room only to have Olivia knocking on his door... Oooops. There is your intro.. the main story involves, kidnapping, poisoning, danger, terrorists and assorted dangerous situations. And a passion that defies logic, family expectations and personal limitations. Seriously, who wouldn't love this book? Elisabeth once again manages to create two dynamic characters that charge right in. A strong female lead with an unusual background. One kind of expects Olivia to be a doormat (except Elisabeth doesn't write doormats). What we get is a quiet, refined woman who hides a passionate inner core. And Landon? Well he's one of those men who is there for everyone, committed to duty and totally self depreciating.. Just dynamic characters.Once again, I find myself so enthralled with a book I can't review it properly. I suppose the best thing I can say about this book, is I got so lost in the story I forgot I was supposed to review it. Another great book, thanks Elisabeth!ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Lethal Consequences, provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released January 20, 2015
review 2: Elisabeth Naughton can write well, and she knows how to draw out the suspense -- as is proper for a Romantic Suspense book. I really enjoyed the relationship as it developed from a past story when the heroine was extracted from a kidnapping scenario by the hero. Of course, these two characters could not be more different in their usual environments. Landon Miller has been taking time off from his work in a secret government group [seems he was an assassin, among other things] and working as an operative for the Aegis Group. Olivia Wolfe was a drama teacher, and she took a leave of absence to fly to Barcelona to meet Landon, unbeknownst to him, and what she discovers when she knocks on his door would send many young women fleeing right back to the airport for a return trip home.However, both Landon and Olivia end up embroiled in an international search for one of his previous "clients," and are in a chase against time when they are confronted by some really bad people who also want this young scientist for their own nefarious purposes. I really had to suspend believe only at the knock on the door scene in Chapter 2 and the resolution at the very end of the book, which did seem unreal to me. Perhaps a few more paragraphs would have explained why the decision was really accepted by the spooks!Rather than give spoilers, I recommend that, if you like Romantic Suspense stories with strong heroines and heroes who have a lot of angst about their pasts, you find a copy of this book asap. You will not regret reading it.I downloaded a copy of this book from the net galley site to my Kindle. less
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Wonderful series and loved the story with surprising twists.
Arc courtesy of Netgalley for honest review. Review coming.
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4-1/2 stars
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