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Nele Neuhaus is Germany’s top selling crime novelist and a must read for any fan of european crime writers. Snow White Must Die is the first book in the Bodenstein & Kirchoff crime series and takes the detectives to a mysterious crime scene where a woman has fallen from a bridge to the motorway below and it’s looking like she may have been pushed!

The investigation leads them to a small village near Frankfurt where two seventeen year old girls vanished without trace eleven years earlier. The detectives meet a wall of silence but when another girl goes missing, the investigation turns into a race against time!

An atmospheric, character-driven and suspenseful mystery set in a small town that could be anywhere, dealing with issues of gossip, power, and keeping up appearances.

Anchorsholme Reading Group thought –

Eleven years ago two teenage girls went missing, although neither body was found, a young man was found guilty of the manslaughter of one of the girls and the murder of the other, although the evidence was circumstantial. Found guilty he is given ten years in prison. He then returns to the village on his release but is not welcome.

The story is set in Germany and, of course, the numerous characters have german names and a few have the same surname so because of this I found it hard during the first half of the book to remember who was who particularly on his return to the village. A list of characters at the front of the book may have been useful.

I thought the story itself, and the personalities of the people involved, was well written and I could empathize with the people as the story evolved. I liked the book and did not guess the ending, it was worth the read.

Anne W.

Nele Neuhaus has written four books in the Bodenstein & Kirchoff and they are all available to order in your local library.

The Crime Group’s next meeting will be Thursday 8th June at 2pm where they will be talking about Alex Gray ‘Sleep Like The Dead’.

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