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The Blessings (2014)

by Elise Juska(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 3
1455574031 (ISBN13: 9781455574032)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: I recently picked up Empire Falls, and immediately put it down because I couldn't read another family drama set in New England. And while Philly may not be New England, I was surprised to find myself enjoying a family drama set, of course, out east. Perhaps it is because it is in a city, and not a quaint town where everyone is in the annual town play. Anyway, I loved the characters and their differing life experiences as part of a large family. Very enjoyable.
review 2: Character development is a must for me in a good novel and this book is a gem. Elena's description of her photocollage, "The subject is my family, mostly. It's about these contradictions" - the dualities of family life, she called them in her Artist Statement-" having this identity as part
... moreof a big family but also this part of yourself that's separate, dealing with your own private stuff, that they never really know. Or dealing with the same stuff, just differently.", provides the synopsis of the book. less
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Extended family has it's difficulties when you take a closer look at each family group.
Delightful. Sad, sweet, charming and sneaky -- like a good Irish family.
It was a good run, but lost interest half way through.
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