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The Ingenious Edgar Jones (2007)

by Elizabeth Garner(Favorite Author)
2.73 of 5 Votes: 4
0755343603 (ISBN13: 9780755343607)
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review 1: Received this book as a gift and finally had some long car rides to read it. It was odd to say the least. Victorian era Oxford is not my favorite time period. This book was especially peculiar because almost the entire book was realistic and somewhat normal and then at the end turned crazy fantasy with people turning to stone gargoyles? It was wacko, but still mildly interesting. Not sure I would recommend it to anyone though; maybe people entranced with Oxford and it's professors, or Victorian era England, it is loosely based on some real people and events.
review 2: An interesting book about a strange boy born to disfuntional parents - one a college night porter and one an ex barmaid who loves dressmaking. Their son is very peculiar - probably aspegers syndro
... moreme but this is set in a pre-indutrial Oxford where such conditions are completely misunderstood. Edgar is obsessed with technology, iron and flying. He is unable to learn to read but turns out to be amazing with his hands. He gets involved with a Professor in the colleges and starts creating strange machinery and structures. This difficult child puts an enormous strain on the parents and his father in particular is badly affected by his son's abilities and oddities. less
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Beautiful writing, interesting characters, exciting time period... yet it left me wanting.
wierd, sad and just not my thing!!!!
It was ok but not super good
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