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A Fighting Chance (2014)

by Elizabeth Warren(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 2
1627790527 (ISBN13: 9781627790529)
Metropolitan Books
review 1: "A Fighting Chance" was an Overdrive audio-book for me, which influenced my experience, of course. I grew weary of the blaming and the partisanship and the justifying and the endless futility that characterizes Washington; in a print book, I'd have speed-skimmed these passages. In addition, the metaphors and emotions, particularly relating to family issues, often sounded artificial; is there a ghost writer in the house? Overall, however, I admired Senator Warren's persistence, her insight, and her perspective. And, I was staggered, once again, by the amount of money spent on campaigning; small wonder that the rich are winning and the poor are losing their homes and their livelihoods. Carry on, Senator; carry on.
review 2: Read this book to learn how screw
... moreed up our government and financial systems have become. It's really scary how messed up our country is right now. We are headed for a huge crash that will completely wipe out anyone who isn't part of the privileged 1%. This book is eye-opening and depressing, I could only handles small portions at a time. Elizabeth did a great job of narrating. I wish she would run for president! less
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Recommend to everyone! Elizabeth Warren is amazing.
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