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This Love's Not For Sale (2013)

by Ella Dominguez(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 4
Bondage Bunny Publishing
review 1: Tucker will do anything for Lilly's land, even have her fall for him to get close to her and her land. It helps he also finds Lilly smoking hot..Lily's been divorced for 2 years she's missing a man touch and when she see's Tucker her body goes into wanting his hands all over her, but she knows he wants her land and she can't trust him. Lilly brings out a side of Tucker that he thought he lost a long time ago and Tucker brings out the smutty side of Lilly(he loves that)that she would like to explore more of. Tucker has a dirty mouth...Lilly gives as good as she gets. A nice erotic romance read. When your in the mood for sexy(smutty)and romance this story rock's.....
review 2: Ella doesn’t disappoint ever! The characters she creates and the storylines that com
... morees with it is brilliant.Tucker and Lily, oh how I devoured this book, I just couldn’t put it down, it was that great. The sexy banter from Tucker and quick quirky responses from Lilly was too funny and I found myself laughing. Tuck is a man of many different layers and it seems that the only person that can see through them all is Lilly. He sets himself up to take what he wants and that’s the land that she has inherited from her aunt. Little did he know that pursuing her for the land made him change his mind about everything and he wants her instead.Lilly has been hurt before by her ex and he used his money as power. Power she never wanted only out of the marriage when she found out that he was bedding half the town and gave her the clap. Never did she think that moving to a new home and new job would take her to a place where she would meet the one man that could give her what she really wanted. Her trust is slowly gained and the bond that they create with one another was unfolded so beautifully. This is a must read, a book that you will re-read because it’s just that great. less
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Had a great time BR with Dirty Dayna! MWAH chica!
It was a DNF for me :(
Love Tucker McGrath!
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