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Blind Obsession (2013)

by Ella Frank(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 5
Ella Frank
review 1: I read far too much to normally write out a review for books I read, but felt this book was deserving of the words that would go along with my 5 star rating. Not knowing what to expect based on the other reviews I read, I read cautiously, apprehensively, savoring every word like a fine wine. I let the words wash over me and at times I found myself anxious and restless with the urge to skip to a part that gave me more--more information. I was thirsty for it (a feeling the heroine felt constantly). That is good writing--when you can feel the emotions of the character as the author intended. I like how the story is written in such a way that the reader feels like a fly on the wall, absorbing all that is happening within the confines of the chateau. Normally there's a lot of p... morehysical movement within a novel, but there is so much to be told in this one spot that even when finishing the book the reader is left feeling like there is so much more to be told. It seems Frank works with the old adage, "less is more."I think people expect these types of stories to wrap up in perfect, pretty little bows, but the ending is in line with the story--it's real. I expected nothing less of what was written. This book was hauntingly beautiful with a show of true romance and eroticism that propels the story instead of smothering it. I must also admit that it takes quite a bit for me to feel "moved" by fictional situations, but towards the end there I felt a bit choked up. Needless to say this book is definitely worth checking out!
review 2: DNF 47% I wish I liked this, I really did. Almost everyone of my friends loves this book but I couldn't relate to any of it or like the main characters (sorry guys and I was really excited to read this, maybe my expectations was too high). I got bored with it. I found myself making up any excuse not to read this book . I didn't like Gemma or even Phillipe maybe if it was a Chantel and Phillipe love story without Gemma I might have loved it. I should have known, I hate triangles in my books and this felt like one. I loved Ella's Veiled Innocence book, hated her Try book. Ella is a hit and miss with me it's either I LOVE her book {Veiled Innocence} or HATE her book {Try and Blind Obsession} no in-between and this was a miss. less
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Not exactly what I was expecting when I opened the book... But the ending was flawless.
Beautiful, just beautiful! Such an emotional read. I highly recommend this book!
Great book, loved it.
Epic read!!!!
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