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The Language Of Sand: A Novel (2010)

by Ellen Block(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 1
0440245753 (ISBN13: 9780440245759)
review 1: Lately I've been reading a lot of books about the NC Outer Banks...this is the first by this author and it was a very quick and satisfying read...breezed through it in just a few hours today. After the death of her husband and son, Abigal Harker, a lexicographer by trade, has always taken refuge in words, but when fate intervenes she feels like her life foundations have disappeared. Abby's words help her heal as she learns why her husband loved this little island in NC.Started the next book by same author...a year later in Abby's life in NC, The Definition of Wind.
review 2: Excellent read! I love Ellen Block's writing and her characters...set in Chapel Isle, NC, a tiny town with an assortment of townspeople who will keep you turning pages. A quick, and cozy
... moremystery and I've started the sequel this morning, A Definition of the Wind, and already enjoying it as much as the first book. Definitely recommended to those who enjoy books about lighthouses,gruff characters, humor, and a love for words. I want to read more of this author. less
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Library e-book Light read about life continuing after tragedy. Interesting characters
It was an enjoyable and fast read with some quirky characters.
First book on Erin's "summer reading" list!
Enjoyed a good deal.
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