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Storming The Castle (2010)

by Eloisa James(Favorite Author)
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HarperCollins e-books
review 1: This is my first time reading anything by Eloisa James, the writing style was to my liking ... ect. I know I haven't read this series in order since I started with a novella but it was okay, nothing catastrophic happened ^^I liked both Wick and Philippa, their instant attraction wasn't something new, but I liked how they found ways to be together, kissing after putting the baby to sleep, sneaking around and kissing, somehow it made feel warm-hearted, you know when you see two people so in love sneaking around and laughing about it, and it's all innocent.What I really liked in this novella was that it didn't have the misunderstanding theme that most romance books have, I detest that cause when they just have mis-communication regarding a saying or something it creates disas... moreters throughout the book, which this book didn't have (Thank God!!)- Oh yeah I liked the aunt too, I mean how bold she was, like seriously who mentions getting a girl a chastity belt when you first meet the girl and she's right in front of you?! XD- I know it was a novella but it felt too short, when I was enjoying it very much it just ended, and I'm still pondering how Wick got all the contingent and entourage with him, wasn't he penniless and stuff, then suddenly he's a to-be-doctor and a land owner?Overall, *thumps up*
review 2: Please note: I consumed this book as an audio book so my spellings are guesses and my not be quite in line with the book spellings for character names.I was really surprised how good the ratings for this book were. I really hated it. I find Eloise James fairly hit or miss. Some of her stuff I love. Some I don’t care for. This is the first I really hated. Usually, even in her stories I don’t care for I can still see the stylistic and creative beauty that makes me keep coming back to James’ stories even though I know half will disappoint me.This book should have been a novel itself. Not a short story. There was real potential in the story but it was so rushed. I really liked Wick in A Kiss at Midnight. I originally wanted the protagonist of that book to end up with him instead of his brother Prince Gabe. Wick has so much going for him as a character. He is the Princes’ half brother who was born on the wrong side of the blanket and has chosen to serve in his brother’s castle although he is educated above what a mere butler would be.Philipa I just couldn’t like. Her reasons for suddenly not wanting to marry Rodney are fairly superficial. He has a fat bottom. He isn’t very smart. She didn’t enjoy sex with him even though it was both of their first times. She just comes off as kind of a bitch and very childish. She comes to the castle and gets in my saying she can save the life of the small prince Jonas who has Colic. Apparently, no one in the castle or surrounding areas could figure out that Jonas needed some water along with his milk because he was dehydrated. The castle physician couldn’t figure it out. Suddenly, Phillipa arrives at the castle with the answer which she knows after occasional rounding with her uncle. It just was too unbelievable. I could excuse it if I liked the characters or if the romance and later character actions rang true but mostly I wasn’t able to suspend my disbelief on this one. A Kiss at Midnight had flaws. But, it was still an okay read. Storming the Castle was a waste of my time! less
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suka ceritanya phillippa disini. cuman ya wick itu terlalu tenang deh. jd ga berasa. ,:(
what a cute little read. so glad wick found love. off to read another book now
short but sweet. 3.5 stars
3+Short and sweet.
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