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Sex, Lies & Wedding Bells (2009)

by E.M. Lynley(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 5
1607770946 (ISBN13: 9781607770947)
Ravenous Romance
review 1: It wasn't bad, and then it was.The actual turning point moment was sort of shoddily handled. Having sex does not equate falling in love. They even say that. And yet, for some reason, that seems to be how Kieran reacts. The Big Reveal was...cheesy.The use of the word "waked" is bothering me.The ending...Yes, yes, they became astronauts and went to outer space and found a cure for cancer and built schools in Africa and adopted three African babies.It was like a Mary Sue, but as a story ending. The nice way of putting it would be "the fucking corniest and most cringe-worthy thing you've ever read."I guess the idea could have been good, but I didn't find the characters particularly endearing.
review 2: Not one of the best I’ve read, but I enjoyed itWarning: This
... morereview might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 6/10PROS: - There’s more intrigue to the story than I expected. I thought it would be a pretty simple “soul mates meet but one of them thinks he’s straight” sort of story with very little plot other than Kieran’s quest to convince Jaxon that they’re meant to be together. But there’s an interesting additional element in the mystery surrounding Danetta, Jaxon’s fiancée.- When the characters start a sexual relationship, Jaxon’s simultaneous hesitancy and eagerness are endearing.- Most of the depictions of small-town Texas life are well portrayed and accurate.- The resolution of the story is very sweet. Each character makes a grand gesture to prove to the other that he’s in love, and the ending that results is fairy-taleish and cute.CONS: - Lynley tells a pretty good story, and on the whole s/he’s a decent writer, but on occasion the writing is unnecessarily redundant. Example: “Tom had fair skin and grey-green eyes, but was far less beautiful than Jaxon. Danetta certainly had a thing for fair-skinned men with green eyes, though Tom didn’t have anything on Jaxon.” Those two sentences are back-to-back.- The POV is pretty consistently from Kieran’s perspective (with a few little slip-ups here and there from Jaxon’s). But then 200 pages in, we get our first chapter from Jaxon’s POV. It knocked me off kilter a little bit when I had been wishing I could read Jaxon’s thoughts about the whole situation for the entirety of the book and then suddenly got to see them when I had assumed the entire story would focus on Kieran’s experiences.- The quality of the production isn’t great. There are quite a few typos and editing issues, but most people can overlook those. Repeating entire lines of text (or in one instance, an entire paragraph) and not indenting any of the numerous paragraphs on one page…harder to ignore.Overall comments: The plot isn’t central to this story--the romance is--but the plot’s not too bad. There’s more going on here than in most books that are pure romances rather than romantic mysteries or romantic action stories. There’s not a lot of sex, and what’s there isn’t very graphic, so the emotional attachment is definitely the focus. less
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Like the first half but the second is.....
"Ravenous Romance, ebook"
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