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Wo Ein Bisschen Zeit Ist ... (2014)

by Emil Ostrovski(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 2
3841421601 (ISBN13: 9783841421609)
Fischer FJB
review 1: I picked this book up from a store in New York hoping for something to fill my time. I ended up finishing it quickly but I was really disappointed with the way it just kind of seemed to drag on. I found myself scowling at it in thought. Even from the very beginning the main character proves to be irresponsible. A simple and very ridiculous thought makes him contemplate suicide and from there the entire book just drags on. Jack spends a lot of time talking to Socrates who is his son (that he seems to think of as the philosopher) which takes up a good portion of the book...and the rest of it is filled with completely irresponsible decisions made by three young adults, that is, if I could call them adults. It was disappointing to say the least.
review 2: My favori
... morete character, in "The Paradox of Vertical Flight" by Emil Ostrovoski, was Socrates because he never actually spoke and yet Jack still pretended he was talking to him. Socrates was named after a Greek philosopher and acts like one too. For example he always tells Jack that he is a romantic. Jack hates being called a romantic. Socrates is also very needy, and needs a diaper change with almost every flip of the page. Socrates is also very funny and brings up good points into conversations. For example he gives good points about why Jack could be considered a romantic. Overall Socrates is a hilarious character less
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Increible! Esperaba mas del final, pero sin dudas es muy buen libro.
Review to come!
a wow book
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