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The Snow Child (2012)

by Eowyn Ivey(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 3
0316175676 (ISBN13: 9780316175678)
Reagan Arthur Books
review 1: This fairy-tale mixed up in real life drama was written well and I would have given it a higher rating if it there wasn't so much brutality in it. Really, maybe you just have to be someone whose whole soul is given to the love of animals and their domain to understand my misgivings about this book. The trapping, killing, skinning and consumption of animals contained within it's pages just seemed to be endless. Sadly, this just really ruined any positive feelings of warmth and hope I could have had in reading this book.
review 2: Faina is kind of a selfish jerk. And I kind of wonder why Mabel, Jack and Garrett love her. What has she done except show up in their lives when it is convenient for her and then run off whenever she pleases. And leave her baby after a
... morefew days of birth?! What kind of a person does that? That's my rant after just finishing the novel. Other things I can appreciate about this book is the description of the Alaskan lifestyle. It's certainly a different one and I have to admit that I don't think I would survive very well in those conditions. However, it was interesting to read about. Also, there is a simplicity about this book that is nice. It's the type of book that 12 years and up could read. Not a young adult novel, but there is nothing really risqué in this book. The ending was kind of disappointing. I believe the author left it up to the reader to figure out what happened to Faina, but with all the mystery surrounding this character (was she really human? does she truly exist?) I think we deserved to have a clear cut answer to exactly what happened to her. less
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I loved the story. The imagery, the scenery, the promise. It beautiful and just heart warming.
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