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Dying For Revenge (2008)

by Eric Jerome Dickey(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 5
0525950869 (ISBN13: 9780525950868)
Dutton Adult
review 1: The book was just okay. I listen to the audible book and did not care for the female reader. Having said that I still had issues with the characters. I understand that growing up can be difficult, but for the love of God there has to come a point when you take charge of your life and stop whining. In this book all of the main characters were whiners. The female assassin was like an overgrown child with shoe fetish that was stupid and the over use of the word "swavey" border on asinine. We the readers done have to be reminded of Gideon history throughout the entire book. By now everyone should (book 3) know it and if not just once would have been enough.
review 2: The 3rd book in Dickey's Trilogy about Gideon a globe-trotting "killer for hire" -with a strong se
... morense of family-ie to have a birth family. Gideon suspects his prostitute Mom's john who he killed at age 7 was his biological father-etc.,etc.-the man is Troubled with a capital "T". However-the Gideon books are engaging,action packed, full of sex,adventure and local flavor -Gideon's "jobs" and family quest usually take him to several places including,The Bahama,Paris,London,Atlanta,Montreal(his birthpace) and in "Dying for Revenge"-Antigua. A good exciting read-quite engaging when one wants to lose themselves in a quick read less
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Love love love. Read the last part before the first 2 books and I'm intrigued.
You would actually think a woman wrote this series. Revenge how sweet it is.
Some people deserve to die.. some people deserve to live.
Very good read. Story pulled together nicely.
just great!!
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