Harlequin, rider and mentor

Name: Harlequin, aka Har’lea’quinn, Caimbuel, or Quentin ‘Quinn’ Harlech
Gender: Male
Race:  Rider (appears as an Elf) Rides Taza
Magic/Psionic Capable: Yes on both counts.
List of Personal Logs:

  • None

Description and Mannerisms 

Harlequin’s hair is goldish-brown, but usually dyes it red and keeps it tied in a ponytail. His eyes are green, with gold flecks, but may change depending on his mood. His left ear was cut off in his first duel with Ehran. He had worn a prosthetic ear until Taza healed it. He is average height for an elf, being a head shorter in height than Ehran.

His usual manner of dress is a long black or brown leather coat, with lots of buttons on the lapel. Underneath the coat, he wears blue jeans, a cotton t-shirt, along with anaconda-skin cowboy boots.

His face is usually painted. Sometimes, it is a single diamond over one eye. More frequently, it is full whiteface with diamonds over both eyes and a triangle over his mouth. The colors may vary depending on mood. He has painted himself this way since at least the Renaissance.

Harlequin is temperamental, with his attitude, manner, philosophy, dress, and accent, all subject to change depending on his mood. He is quick-witted, but his jokes may depend on some enigmatic reference that few in the world would understand. Harlequin is quick to anger, but quick to forgive. He is unbelievably vain.


Harlequin is one of the most powerful individuals in the Sixth World. He is an immortal elf who has frequently fought the Horrors, and has so far kept them from prematurely entering the Sixth World (earth).

He has been described as the embodiment of chaos — unpredictable, mercurial, and usually quite detached. He is a reluctant knight, not wanting to save the world, but often knowing he is the only one in a position who can do so.

During the initial wave of the most recent scourge, Quin met Taza and mentored her. He developed a fondness for the young wyvern and eventually became one of her riders. He now lives with the wyverns and is fiercely protective over his new kin. Something about them has awakened his desire to no longer be reluctant, now he wants to actively aid these new creatures, along with the rest of the world.

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