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Sea Swept (2000)

by Erica Cope(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Addie McKay has an unnatural fear of the water that keeps her locked up in the tower of her lighthouse more so than near the beautiful shores. But when a mysterious hunk makes his debut in her small town, she finds herself drawn out to sea, and to him. Once she lets her guard down and allows herself the opportunity to really live, she finds that her world literally begins and ends with the sea that she has kept at bay all her life. Erica Cope has once again done a fantastic job of exploring a world that isn't frequently traveled. I love how Erica builds drama and a purpose so that her stories are about more than a teen romance. Yes, Lachlen is hot and dreamy and everything a merman should be, but Erica is good about keeping the focus on his need for her to help save his ki... morengdom. Lachlan's the kind of guy all of our teen book boyfriends need to be like: a strong sense of patriotism and a desire to help his girl grow into the woman she's supposed to be. Oh, and with a extra helping of gorgeousness, too. ;) Well done, Erica!!
review 2: I have been dying to read Sea Swept since I first heard it was going to be about mermaids. I mean, who doesn't love mermaids? I initially read the companion novella, Riptide, which introduces us to the world of Kestia and sets up the conflict for Sea Swept. There are some spoilers in Riptide that allude to the events in Sea Swept, so I recommend reading it only if you don't mind learning about the back story.Addie McKay appears to be a perfectly normal girl with an intense fear of the ocean. However, after being forced to jump into the water, she discovers that she is in fact a mermaid from the kingdom of Kestia. What follows is a wonderful story of self-discovery filled with action and lots of cute moments between Addie and her "bondmate", Lachlan. You'll just have to get Sea Swept to know what that means. ;)I absolutely loved this book. It was beautifully written, well-paced, and had some great moments in it. The description was wonderful, and I loved all the mermaid jokes in it. Erica Cope is such a wonderful storyteller and I can't wait for more from her. less
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Prepare to be swept away!Another whimsical adventure by the amazing Erica Cope! Loved it!!!
Wow erica corp did it again! This book just swept me away! I could not put it down!
It started out ok then just found it lacking....
Loved!! Full review to come soon! :)
such a beautiful story
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