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Riverside Blues (2005)

by Erik Tomblin(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 3
0976633922 (ISBN13: 9780976633921)
Earthling Publications
review 1: It's been ages since I've had the pleasure of reading a good, old-fashioned ghost story. Set in the American South, Riverside Blues unfurls its dark secrets languidly, leading the reader down a strange and unpredictable path. Superbly written and rich in metaphor, it's the kind of novel you should read on a hot summer night, out on the back porch, to the accompaniment of strange things rustling around in the underbrush.
review 2: Some of the best horror stories are those that center on the fear that we create ourselves; those that start not from without, but from within. Tomblin not only created such a tale, but he mastered it. Not quite a ghost story, but dipped lavishly in the supernatural, this book may just have trumped, nay surpassed, my favorite book of a
... morell time. I've been looking for this book since I first discovered horror and I wouldn't part with it for all the tea in china! The plot is refreshing and original in its narration. Sure, we've seen the set-up and outline before, but once the scene is established, Tomblin takes a 360 turn and takes it in a wicked direction. Full of implied danger and subtle clues, the ending is guaranteed to chill you to the bone. A creepy, psychological thriller, this book can be read over and over again. Avoiding the allure to drag on long after it's necessary, Tomblin's style of writing is tight and concise. His descriptive narrative brings to life Gordon's surroundings and his dialog adds vitality to it. You can tell that he's comfortable within the boundaries of writing a ghost story, and are shocked and amazed when he breaks free of those chains and revels in his freedom. Although this book is very involved, it's also, shockingly, a quick and simple read. The pace is set from the moment you enter the book, moving you along peacefully at first and then picking up speed while your eyes were closed. Having read it in only 3 hours, it wasn't until I closed the book that I realized my pulse was racing and beads of sweat were dripping down my neck. Almost becoming a character itself, the atmosphere is hypnotic and captivating. Tomblin captures the south, immersing you into Gordon's world. You can smell the overgrown greenery and hear the sound of the river flowing. In fact, he does it too well. He calms your senses and whispers assurances into the wind, distracting you from your own fear. Even though you know you're aware something is going to happen, you're too drawn in to pay attention to the signs. It's when you have to be peeled off the ceiling that you realize you were tricked. Secretly imaging your feet in their shoes, the characters are dynamic and true to life. Allowing the players to unfold naturally, you understand what motivates them and why they're willing to relive nightmares best left in the past. You feel Gordon's loss and frustration over a lifetime wasted and a love that never had a chance. I promise, you will cry and cringe and scream as you accompany Gordon on his journey, but go you will. less
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Wow!I had to continue reading it.Couldn't put it down until I finished.
Wow, this is good so far. Erik is a talented writer, that's for sure.
Outstanding - this guy knows how to roll .
Sounds interesting!
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