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Perfect 10 (2014)

by Erin McCarthy(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 2
Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin
review 1: The Cosmo Read Hot Reads imprint continues to be hit or miss for me, mostly miss. For every good one it seems I get 3 meh ones. That's how I felt about this one - just meh. These characters were mid-twenties, I think, and just seemed crazy immature. The entire premise of the plot is immature - Katrina's "booty book" app accidentally syncs with her public social media accounts, thereby alerting everyone to her private sex partner ratings and comments. It's feasible with today's tech culture, but still immature. Katrina is supposed to be self-employed as a social media consultant, so that's a rousing endorsement of her competency. Much embarrassment ensues. Her best friend from college (and one night hookup) Drew contacts her after they haven't spoken for a year after he see... mores his bb entry. Then they hook up again and then say I love you and the end. There, I edited through the immaturity and neuroses for you. I enjoyed the first several books in Erin McCarthy's racing series, but this one was dull for me.
review 2: Thus far, I've enjoyed all the Cosmo Hot Reads I've read. Not really the case with this one. The characters seemed way too immature and silly, and the sex wasn't even that hot (which can sometimes redeem an otherwise not so great book). Too many pop culture references - "What did the fox say?" Really? Kids, maybe you don't need to be having sex yet. And the whole Williamsburg, hipster setting bothered me - these are the sort of people I always try to avoid, so why would I want to read about them? - but that's my own personal issue, I guess. less
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Fun quick read, cute characters and fun story. Over all worth a shot.
Short, and had some humor to it but felt bland to me overall.
I really liked it. It was rather funny
This was a cute, short little story.
Nice quick read, Drew is too cute.
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