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To Walk The Night (2012)

by E.S. Moore(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 1
0758268726 (ISBN13: 9780758268723)
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Kat Redding
review 1: I think this is leaning more towards a solid 3.5. It definitely was full of non-stop action. I liked how she questioned herself in weather she herself was becoming like the monsters she killed, since her blood was tainted as well. But for being a first book in a series it wasn't to bad. I would definitely recommend this book if you like underworld. It is a lot like that. Though in this book at least there didn't seem to be a love interest so it just basically her dealing with these non-stop problems. I probably won't be picking up the next book right away but hope to continue on with this series sometime down the road. I would like to no more about Kat's live in human room mate and why he summons a demon.
review 2: This is the first novel in the series of Kat R
... moreedding, a vampire bent on revenge on her own kind to protect humans. With the help of a human (Ethan) that helps keep her supplied in silver weapons, plus other things (guns, motorcycles, home security) she takes on the courts of other Vampires, who control Purebloods (humans) and Werewolves in a modern-day society.In this first installment, Kat is approached by a conclave of werewolf devotees (the Luna Clan), led by a sorcerer of unknown ability/power. He has asked her to join with them in order to rescue their leader from a court of vampires that has recently risen to be considered a Minor Court. There are quite a few twists in the story as Kat proceeds to not only defend herself and her home from an unknown adversary, but also being approached by a traitor to the Luna Clan, who has ulterior motives. Kat has to decide who she will help, why she will help them, and which way will get the collapse of yet another court of vampires.I had a hard time setting this one aside as I was reading it, so it seemed to read through pretty fast. Moore has a great way of telling an action story, with, at least at this time, no major romantic side-story. I look forward to the next book, revealing a new 'enemy', and possibly more back story on the whole Kat & Ethan angle. less
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The last 20 pages or so are what made me like the book. I look forward to reading the next book.
I liked the book. I loved the violence could use a little passion thou.
Fast paced and it leaves you wanting to know what happens next!
Complex world, with a complex and tortured female lead.
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