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Tainted Night, Tainted Blood (2012)

by E.S. Moore(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 3
0758268734 (ISBN13: 9780758268730)
Kat Redding
review 1: Wow! Ok this is one seriously depressing hero. I did not read the first book since it was unavailable from the library but I don't think I will go back and read it now or read the others in the series. One other reviewer stated that the main character had permanent PMS and I think that about fits her. She is supposed to be "Lady Death" but from the few fight scenes I really paid attention to, she got her butt handed to her and had to be rescued. How does that make her "Lady Death?" Anyway, I think this had potential but I really don't like the main character.
review 2: Kat’s world is about to be turned upside down.Kat is a one woman wrecking crew when it comes to taking down undesirable vampires and werewolves. Now there is a new force in town. One that
... moreis killing in what appears to be with Kat’s signature moves. This does not bode well for her. She is already trying to protect Purebloods, now it looks like she is going to have to work twice as hard to protect her own hide.Kat begins to question her existence and the desire to continue down her chosen road. When a side trip shows her a new way of life, she must take a long hard look at herself, her past and her future. While Kat is fighting for her life, she must decide if she wants to start living again.This novel had two very different storylines in it. While one was playing out the other was in the background being a tempting mistress. After Kat’s life takes an unexpected turn, you dive right into the next story with both feet. Mr. Moore begins to set the stage for the next book with a bunch of questions and suspense.The first storyline is classic Kat; action, suspense and strained alliances. Knowing the circumstances behind Kat’s life, I really could see the outcome from a mile away. But that was okay. You were able to visit old enemies and have some burning questions answered. I think personally, I would have enjoyed a deeper concentration into the main darker plot. It felt short changed. Mr. Moore makes it all seem better though by throwing in a new element, Ethan’s buddy – Beligral.The second plot is very intriguing. Mr. Moore’s writing made my skin crawl with how potentially sinister it felt. I think the new direction in Kat’s life is going to make for some very interesting reading. But again, it was just a tiny taste and not exactly fulfilling. Kat is completely out of her element and it makes me excited to read the next book in the series, Blessed By a Demon’s Mark, which is currently scheduled for release in January 2013.Tainted Night, Tainted Blood as a whole, came together in an interesting pleasant way. I was drawn in and I came away with questions answered and my imagination soaring. This is very good Urban Fantasy. There is lots of action and a kick-butt heroine. It makes for some very fun reading! less
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I enjoyed this book about dams much as the first; it's alright but nothing really special.
This one confused me but I am still curious to see what happens next.
Was a good story, glad I got to read it.
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