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Deception's Princess (2014)

by Esther M. Friesner(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 1
0449818632 (ISBN13: 9780449818633)
Random House Books for Young Readers
Deception's Princess
review 1: So when i first found this book i was ECSTATIC. I love Ireland and have trouble finding YA books set in Ireland so i couldn't wait to read this. I was crushed after about 100 pages in the book and realized there was no story plot line. I mean there was nothing that stood out as a conflict and I have no idea what went on with Odran... Like this book was just boring. I only finished the book because i love Ireland so much and i was imagining all the characters with wonderful and adorable irish accents. Unfortunately, not even that could make me rate this above 1 star. And i rate almost EVERY book i read a 3. This was just disappointing
review 2: Very engrossing and the writing is just right too. I loved this - it's really a story of a girl coming into her own, re
... morealising that the adults around her aren't making the best choices and deciding her own future. Self-determination is a pet topic of mine and this is really well-done here. The setting's well-rounded - just enough to bring the world to life but not so much so that you have to slow down whenever worldbuilding is happening. A great pace, a great flow and a great end that really makes me absolutely eager to read the second book. less
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Actually pretty interesting. It reminds me of Brave but it's not. :)
Loved the Celtic lore and the characters! Can't wait for book 2 :D
I couldn't even make it through chapter 1.
****4.5 Stars****
Great read!
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