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The Peripatetic Coffin And Other Stories (2013)

by Ethan Rutherford(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
0062203835 (ISBN13: 9780062203830)
review 1: I originally picked up this collection due to the title story, which focuses on the first submarine - a terrifying, cramped, dark metal tube in which men had to crouch and row by hand for hours without relief or fresh air. These fascinating, chilling short stories go down easy, but don't settle nicely for digestion. I ate these up like bitter candy, savoring each one, yet felt uneasy and disturbed at each conclusion. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a little bit of darkness in their tales. Very glad I picked up this volume.
review 2: Usually my reviews are brief, but I thought this collection of stories was so terrible I'm going to grade each and every one of them. The Peripatetic Coffin is a mostly factual recounting of the the short but important story of
... more the Confederate submarine the Hunley. Great jumping off point for a short story but all that it produces is one of the worst endings ever. On par with the protagonist waking up and it was all a dream. Grade: D. Summer Boys may be the author recapturing his childhood in the late 80s. Not interested. Grade: D. John For Christmas is a family drama. I'm not feeling it. Another loose, meaningless ending. Grade: D. Many people love David Sedaris. I don't. Camp Winnesaka mines his territory and at least approaches humor. Grade: C. I have read many exciting works of fiction and non-fiction about mostly disastrous Arctic expeditions in the 1800s. The Saint Anne takes what many would think to be a boring subject and makes it a colossal bore. Grade: F. Boats feature frequently in Ethan Rutherford's stories. This is perhaps the worst. Family on vacation, mysterious stranger, murder. Grade: F. In A Mugging a couple is mugged and it causes friction in their relationship. Grade: F. Dirwhals! is an homage to Moby Dick, which I read and did not like, and Dune, which I never have or will read. One of the longer stories, it is at least of a different genre. Grade: C. less
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Know the author, and he participated in our book club discussion, which was fascinating.
Quirky, atmospheric, funny- poetic but entertaining. Just the way I like my reading.
Excellent stories and writing... will read anything he writes in the future!
Moving, funny, and disturbing.
Jam packed with great stories
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