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Chasing Sunsets (2011)

by Eva Marie Everson(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 1
080073436X (ISBN13: 9780800734367)
Fleming H. Revell Company
Cedar Key
review 1: Everson had me scarcely able to breathe in sympathy for her main character by the end of page two. I've never disliked an antagonist so profoundly as I disliked her ex-husband. The rest of the story, while enjoyable, didn't really live up to the potential to address really difficult subjects. Many things were skimmed over and wrapped up a little too easily. Other things weren't wrapped up at all, a deliberate decision I assume as this is a series. Still, I read it fast and I wanted to do so. Not a heavy read, despite the expectations raised by the opening. Also: no mistaking this for a non-Christian book. It's not heavy on the religious content, and mostly it's well-done, but it's definitely there.
review 2: This was on okay read. I normally don't read books li
... moreke this - Christian love story types - but somehow it was in my kindle and I started it, and I went ahead and made my way through. I have been wanting to do some research related to novels set on Florida islands, and this was in Cedar Key (most of it at least), so that may be why I had originally downloaded it. If you like Christian style romance, then you'll like this. If not, probably not your cup of tea. less
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Easy to read and predictable but short enough to be enjoyed
fine book to read on the beach or plane
Pretty good. Is 1st in series of 3
LOVED the story, HATED the ending!
Like a bad Hallmark movie indeed.
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