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The Road To Testament (2014)

by Eva Marie Everson(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 3
1426757980 (ISBN13: 9781426757983)
Abingdon Press
review 1: The Road to Testament by Eva Marie Everson is my kind of book. It has the right amount of conflict, hero and heroine banter, and moments to make me laugh out loud. ASHLYNNE ROTHSCHILD must prove she’s ready to take over her father’s position in the family magazine business. That means becoming a people person. The question is: how can she relate to others if she’s so out of touch with the world around her? She thinks barbeque has only one meaning, for Pete’s sake. No wonder she’s sent off to work on a daily paper in Testament, North Carolina for six months where she’ll have to learn much and make adjustments to survive. Especially to endure WILLIAM DECKER. He’s not too keen on her joining his family’s business, even for six months.I enjoyed watching Ashlynn... moree grow in faith and in person and getting to know Testament’s inhabitants and their challenges. And, I’d like having a friend like Will’s gentle best buddy. All the characters were three-dimensional, far from clichés, and worth getting to know. But most of all, I was drawn into the play and sparks between Ashlynne and Will.The cover surprised me. It’s a great cover. But I didn’t expect to find the treasure of the fun romance inside. Or the laughs the story elicited. I recommend The Road to Testament to men and women who enjoy a well put together story, intriguing characters, and a romance that keeps your heart hopping.
review 2: ARC received courtesy of Goodreads.com giveawayI really enjoyed this book. It was a nice, predictable romance with a mystery or two thrown in the mix. Although I generally avoid signing up for Christian fiction, I signed up for this one without realizing it. However, the book was not preachy or offensive in it's message and I really appreciate that. Ashlynne is sent to Testament, North Carolina, by her family to learn to be part of a community and to learn to be a friend. William, the editor of the small newspaper in Testament and Ashlynne's boss doesn't want any part of her. When a friend discovers dozens of graves in the woods behind his home, Ashlynne is intrigued and wants to find out who is buried there. Will would just as soon she leave it along.I enjoyed the depth of character and setting that Eva Marie Everson was able to develop in the story. The setting becomes almost another character. The depth of relationships between characters is excellently described as well. A great way to spend a rainy June day! less
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I won this book on Goodreads First Reads and I still have not received my copy in the mail.
Light, very engaging book. I'd love to read a sequel!
Review is forthcoming...
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