I’m Bored; 5 of My Favorite Chapters from Hinamatsuri

I once made a blog post about this manga, which in hindsight felt was too little as a reason for why I’d like it, so I decided to talk about 5 of my favorite chapters from this manga.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. And manga pages got from Mangakakalot

Chapter 3: Suddenly A Parent’s Day

The chapter where Hina started her life in middle school…which she proceed to waste it all away by sleeping, and the chapter where we met Hitomi for the first time, a legitimately ordinary middle school girl. Everybody in the class is doing ordinary school things, except for Hina who spent her time sleeping.

However, it got cut short by coincidentally, her class is the one that got themselves in a hostage situation, and coincidentally, the robber stole the money from Nitta’s yakuza group.

How do they get out from the situation? Hina of course, but before she cast a spell that would cause an apocalypse, she remembered Nitta’s words to think for herself, so she did, and she wanted lunch in front of the robber.

Eventually, everybody in class got relaxed by Hina’s actions, and by the time Nitta got there…

It’s kinda sad that Hina basically wasted for school life sleeping, cause I would like to see the interactions of her class in the future.

Chapter 25: My Daughter, This Is Your Papa!

Coming from Hina & Nitta, this is a very heartwarming chapter between the 2 of them, and it all starts with Nitta trying to ask the bartender Utako on a date for the nth time (which at this point, Hitomi basically took over her entire job). But then came Hina (& Hitomi), who actively learn about what a mother is, and help him successfully set up a date with Utako, which made Nitta happy and celebrate with her.

While Hina assured Nitta to go on with a date with Utako, it sadly ends up in a failure as Utako found a divorced man with children too much to handle, especially when he talks about his Hina too much during their date.

Sigh for both of them. And Utako too, as this is the only chance that she’ll ever be stable, thanks to…

Chapter 44: A Woman Named Mishima Hitomi

Also a woman who should get her own spinoff series.

This started out from the perspective of a failure that fell for Hitomi and her kind words, and the obsession eventually snowballed into a yakuza case, then snowballed into an assassination attempt, and then finally snowballed into having a possibly innocent man caught due to his lies.

It was awesome as this chapter shows the unintended growth of how Hitomi has come far, developing her skills to be on par with Hina when it comes to bringing fear.

Chapter 55 : Nitta Yoshifumi ~The Sacrilegious Brute of a Man~

What is the combination of a coincidence with one of the rival yakuza member decided to bring Nitta down from his ascendance to unintended king of the underworld, and a fortune telling in tv where Nitta will have bad luck. The answer: Hina and the girls work together to save him by using their esper powers.

The result is an outstanding success, where each of the girls have parts where even Anzu showed off her esper prowess, and helped Nitta’s organization to expand in influence. By the way, Mao still doesn’t have any meaningful interaction with him yet (actually, Mao’s touching reunion with Hina is just handwaved in a flashback for her reunion with Ikaruga, who now breed like rabbits with her husband).

Chapter 58: The Bonds Between The Three

For some reason, I just like the chapters that exclusively focused on the espers together, just because of the situation that they put themselves into. For this chapter, the superintendent Ikaruga Kei realized that Mao & Anzu still has a collar that will kill them soon, so she along with Nitta & Hina, whose collar broke so she don’t really had a stake anyway, bring them to a far off site…to fast for some time.

Days later, seeing Anzu being tortured to despair by starvation, Nitta eventually decided to support her, dragging the pregnant Ikaruga & Hina to fast with her, and noticing that there is another esper named Mao.

Unknown to Nitta who is now an actor in a prolonged war where he witnessed many casualties without an end, Ikaruga (since she’s pregnant after all), dragging Hina with her, took meals behind their backs. And when the collars are finally deactivated, Hina has to faced the consequences…of increasing a social link despite knowing that she utterly failed during the process.

So there you have it, what are your favorite chapters in Hinamatsuri?

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