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A Ghostly Ménage: Werewolf Paranormal (2000)

by Eve Langlais(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: This is a novella about two werewolves who get cursed by a powerful witch and are sent to Limbo. Years later Jenna buys their house, not knowing that they still reside there. The guys find out that she is their mate which puts an extra urgency in figuring out how to get their bodies back before the 'nasty' witch comes back for her annual check on them.Although this is a novella it is a full story and has some humorous parts to it as well as parts that will raise the temperature.Call my contrary - I liked how they got their bodies back but what followed just seemed... I don't know, too easy.Another entertaining book by Eve Langlais though, I certainly do enjoy her work.
review 2: Any Eve Langlais book in my hands is sure to be a pleasurable read. A Ghostly Men
... moreage did not leave me wanting for anything. That’s not exactly true. This sexy little tale left me wanting a haunted house in the country with two hot werewolves wanting to do sinfully delightful things to me, dirty things. Sadly Jenna gets Derrick and Mark and all of their naughty.Derrick and Mark are best friends that share everything in life. They are quite content with everything they have. They enjoy all life has to offer until a witch with devious goals and nefarious plans sets a spell on them that has them haunting their own home. The haunting turns to ghostly groping when Jenna moves in and they discover she is so much more than the new owner. Jenna thinks her new home is simply old and has a personality of its own. It takes some sexy dreaming to discover that there is definitely personality involved in what is going on with her new home. In fact it is the personalities of two ghostly inhabitants trapped under a witch’s spell that has her experiencing a very touchy feely welcome wagon.This tale is short and sexy and overflowing with sass and brass. Jenna complements her boys well. Mark and Derrick contrast enough that Jenna gets the best of everything these men have to offer. less
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I didn't get to review this book when I read it, but I enjoyed the story and would recommend it.
Loved this novella. Wished it was longer:)
Cute read! would read again definitely.
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