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Feel Again (2000)

by Faith Andrews(Favorite Author)
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review 1: 4 Star Review by Jen SkewesI love Faith Andrews writing and was so excited to read Feel Again. I loved the idea of a forbidden romance between a teach and student. And I love that the heroine, widow with grown woman falls in love with a younger man, especially when that man is Caleb. But what I loved most of all is that this is a second chance love story. And I don’t men a second chance for the two main characters but a second chance for the heroine. Gabby lost the love of her life 10 years ago and has never opened herself up to another man since then. After her husband dies she moved across the country with her 10 year old twin girls. Staying in NY was too much of a reminder of what she lost and the life she had with her husband. She needed to get away from it al... morel and in a way start over. It is now 10 years later and her girls are all grown up. Since losing her husband she has not been able to be with another man. Tommy was the love of her life and she just did not feel right moving on. Gabby’s sister and her daughters dare her to go our on a date, just one date and see what happens. Gabby decides to go out with them that night and she meets Caleb. There was an instant connection between the two of them but after that night she has no contact with him. And that is when fate steps in and bring these two together. Just in a way that makes anything between them completely forbidden and of limits.Caleb was basically raised by his grandmother whom he loved an adored. He has no job, has sex with many woman and basically had no direction in life at all. But when he is faced with an ultimatum he has no choice but to try to do something with his life. He wants to be a better person, for himself and for his grandmother. He is done with sex with random girls. He needs to go to school, find a job, happiness and love. He meets Gabby one night at a bar and she is the most beautiful girl that he has ever seen. He feels the connection. But after that first night that they met he can’t stop thinking about her but hasn’t seen her since. Until he steps foot in his classroom and realizes that he is his teacher. Dating your teacher is completely off limits. But Caleb isn’t having it. He knows that there is something between them and he will prove it to Gabby. But is Gabby willing to take the risk and open up her heart to another man. I really enjoyed this book. It gave you all of the feels that I love in a book. The prologue completely sucked me in. My heart just broke for Gabby. The scene was so real and so well written. You felt the emotions that she was going through. After her husband died her life was her and her daughters. The guilt of moving on, of thinking that she would forget her love if she did stopped her from finding love again. She raised her daughter and took care of them for the past ten years but they are all gown up and it is her time. It is time for Gabby to see that it is ok to move on. And that just because you move on does not mean that you forget. Caleb is the perfect person to help her realize that. He fell for her and fell hard. Not only was he her student but he was also much younger than her and in ways he taught her how to live. He helped her heal and move on. They faced some obstacles along the way, in the form of one crazy bitch, and let’s not forget the age difference, the guilt of moving on from a deceased husband oh and the fact that she is Caleb’s teacher. But there was nothing that would keep these two apart. Caleb and Gabby were adorable together and I was rooting for them all the way. Feel Again is a beautiful story of loss, love, second chances and learning how to love again. A fantastic job by Faith Andrews.
review 2: I really wanted to love this read...it started out well then IDK it just got cliche. But like trashy reality tv, I just couldn't turn away even though I knew the ending and it would be so cliche.I enjoyed Faith's 2 other books so I'm going to chalk this up to a story that touches on 9/11 and how those effected, especially those who lost the loves of their lives, soldiered on cause they had to not for themselves but for others. But when the some cleared, it was there turn to move on. less
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If the beginning of the book didn't hook you, I don't know what will!?!?
I liked this one but insta love... 3.5
3.5 stars
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