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Man Of My Dreams (2013)

by Faith Andrews(Favorite Author)
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Faith Andrews
review 1: Being married, I can absolutely see where Mia felt betrayed by her husband Declan...I mean you don't have to have sex for it to be cheating. At least that's the way I see it. I can even see where it became an even bigger deal for her being a stay at home Mom of two toddlers, where her day consists of taking care of everyone but herself and hardly has a moment alone to take a pee yet alone a shower...and here her husband makes the choice he made. Granted he didn't sleep with the woman, but the way that Mia had to find out about it was embarrassing and devastating to her...Declan could have chosen to be honest with her before she found out like she did. Maybe then, things wouldn't have escalated like they did. That being said, I can even understand her old high school crush ... moreNoah coming into the picture, I don't necessarily agree with it, but I understood it. At least she was honest. And he makes her feel like she's more than just a Mom and he says all the right things at the right time and can't believe her husband would betray her like he did. I think Noah was my favorite of the three and I hated that he was in this love triangle. I think Noah saw an opportunity with Mia and went for it and Declan only had himself to blame. I think Mia was caught up in the fantasy of what could have been with Noah and her hurt and anger at Declan prevented her forgiving him and working on their marriage. Again, I can totally relate. Just when I thought Declan had no balls, he finally grows a pair...and I was satisfied with the HEA.
review 2: Mia has always had a crush on Noah in HS. But nothing ever came of it. Yet Mia continues to fantasize about kissing him and having sex with him. Mia met Declan her sophomore year in college and married him after graduating. Mia is in love with Declan and once she began dating him stopped thinking about Noah.Mia is overwhelmed with marriage, kids, and being a stay at home mother. Declan is overwhelmed with handling marriage, kids, wife, house, traveling, and a full time job. The story takes you on there journey of love and self discovery. The story goes back and forth between the past of when they met and dated and the present of kids, house, work, and responsibilities. This story talks about the what if's in life. It makes you question marriage and commitment. It makes you question love and trust. It's amazing when road blocks occur in life that help define and provide validation for the decisions we made in our past that gives us the reassurance we need that they were good choices. Declan had a moment of weakness that put a strain on his marriage. Then he was sent away for a month for work. Then Mia's father has a heart attack. Then Mia gets an invitation to her ten year HS reunion. All these situations are road blocks that provide us with choices in life to confirm our worthiness of the present. It gives you the answers to those "what if" questions. When the present gives you a reality check in life it puts everything into perspective. Life throws us tests to determine the truest of love.I love how in HS girls think the most important thing is when a hot guy knows your name. It means we are not invincible. The importance of HS is social acceptance. I believed that also, but no matter how much you want it, you cannot force it to happen. Be yourself and others will accept you. Of course, peer pressure is another one. It's funny how that staple follows with you in life. It's the first true test of who you are. It tests to see if you have control, if you have willpower, and if you have confidence. Without control you spiral down. Without power you will not succeed. Without confidence you will have regrets.Mia's at a point in her marriage where she questions the choices she made in her past. Mia is given an opportunity to right a wrong. Mia had "what if's" about her past. For Mia timing is everything. Declan was the one offering her the things she wanted. Unfortunately she had hoped that Noah would have been the one offering. It was a quick and to the point story putting your present to the test. It was a true testament to what every married couple encounters. less
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A ten plus read... Decklin yum sounds so sexy,,, love this book good story line
decent. wasn't a fan of jumping back and forth in time.
A good and emotional story.
A firm 3 1/2 stars.
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