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Death's Rival (2012)

by Faith Hunter(Favorite Author)
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Jane Yellowrock
review 1: After listening to the audiobook of the first in this series, I wasn't interested enough to continue. But then I realized I had gotten a free paperback of this one at Comic-Con, so I may as well go ahead and read it. I didn't read the intervening books (normally I hate to skip like that), but I found that it didn't really hurt too much in my understanding of what was going on. This book definitely references things in past books, but I think I picked up the major points. Unless you're in a situation like me, where you're only reading it because you happen to already own it and don't care enough to read the others, I still wouldn't recommend skipping ahead to this one.I'm afraid this book didn't really make me want to read more of the series either. It's weird, even though ... moreI just finished it, I'd have a hard time describing what the plot's really about. It's mostly just Jane looking for clues or something. There's a nice confrontation/fight at the end, and that was pretty cool, but that was mostly the only cool thing. Also, by 5 books in, I expect there to be one definite love interest. The fact that Jane is apparently in love with two different men and sexually interested in another two--and that she evidently feels no actual loyalty toward any of them and guiltlessly lets her interest drift from one to the next--is frustrating to read and says some not so good things about her character. Especially when at least 2 of the men she's interested in are, in my opinion, total skeezes. And it's weird that the character claims to be a Christian, but this doesn't really affect her behavior or outlook on life at all except that she feels guilty for killing humans and just generally being a killer--which you don't need to be a Christian to feel, just a decent human being. Also, the writing is often not so good. There are some incredibly clunky sentences, and Beast's "caveman" way of talking just gets annoying.So yeah, I gave this series a second chance (third, maybe, since I also read the short story introducing Jane), but it didn't impress me much more than the first chance. I might read a different series by this author at some point, but I think I'm done with this one.
review 2: Jane Yellowrock is Leo Pellisier's Enforcer. She killed another Enforcer is Asheville, but since he was in her hotel room which a silenced gun, the Vampire Council ruled it was self-defense. But, Lucas de Allyon is not satisfied and demands a blood feud with Leo. De Allyon has infected the Masters of Sedona and Seattle with some type of disease, which should be impossible for vampires. During the many battles that ensue, Jane and her skin walker companion, Beast, end up bound to Leo. Jane is happy to do battle with de Allyon because she knows he persecuted Cherokee skin walkers in previous centuries. Jane asks Derek Lee for protection and Eli Younger and his brother, Alex, join Jane. Another good entry in this entertaining series. less
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This one was my fave of the series! Can't wait to read the next one.
cant wait for the nextbbook in the series
I love the Jane Yellowrock series!
beautifully done
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