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60 Minutes (G Street Chronicles Presents) (2013)

by Fire & Ice(Favorite Author)
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G Street Chronicles
review 1: This was my first time reading from Fire & Ice. I heard good things about this short story and wanted to check it out myself. Jani'rah Jean aka Madame J is not only an independent woman but she operates the cities biggest sex ring. Madame J's business is very organized and she runs things with an iron fist. Loyalty is all she has and she makes sure her girls and everyone else in her circle knows that being loyal is a must, if she even thinks you cant be trusted she will make sure you are dealt with. That all takes a turn when the Madame is faced with a situation not even her lawyer may be able to get her out of. The people she once thought she could trust are now willing to turn their backs on her during her time of need. So the madame has 60 minutes during her trai... morel to find the person who will willing to be a witness in her case and eliminate them. Will she be successful or will her time run out?I enjoyed the story it was kind of different with the 60 minute count down. What would you do if you had 60 minutes to get your freedom or to remain free? Jani'rah has to go through this not once but twice in the story. There is a a mix up part because in the beginning Daniel was moving to atlanta with his family but then towards the end it mentioned he was in virginia unless i read that wrong. All in all was a good short story, had some drama, and a lead female running things. By the way things ended it seems to me like there will be a part 2.
review 2: Fire & Ice done did again!!!Madame J is that chick hands down!! The Madame of an underground sex ring, Madame J is put to the test when she is arrested. Someone in her circle is snitching and trying to cause her downfall. In a fight for her freedom and her life, Madame J, also known as Jani'rah, proves that she is not to be messed with!! Throughout this story, you will come across so many twists and turns that your head will spin!Fire & Ice never disappoint me with their stories and I am already anxiously waiting for their next one less
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Fire & Ice never disappoints this was a very good read!!!!
A must read! One of my favorite books for 2013.
That was an awesome, drama filled short story!
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