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I Am Rebecca (2014)

by Fleur Beale(Favorite Author)
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Random House New Zealand
I am not Esther
review 1: I loved I am Not Easter and was very excited to stumble over a copy of it’s sequel, I am Rebecca, in the library. I was not let down by it, toward the end, I was so worried about what was going to happen to Rebecca, I’m surprised I didn’t rip the book in half I was clutching it so tightly. I loved the way Rebecca told the story. She said it as she saw it, and things that women might have problems with outside of her faith were told without judgement, such as marrying at 16. I liked how realistic it was, Rebecca has never known anything other than the faith she was bought up in, so she trusts it.I related to Rebecca in many ways. I understood how the rules of her faith made life stable, but at the same time, the struggle to give up security for the life she wanted to ... morelead. I was struggling with her to decide what she should do. One thing that still annoys me however, is the fact Rebecca is not spelt the Biblical way, something I thought would have been important to Children of the Faith, the extreme Christian sect her family is part of. However, this is minor and has nothing to do with the plot. I read this book in a few hours one afternoon and it tied up most of the loose ends I had from I am Not Easter.
review 2: A much awaited sequel and overall did not disappoint. When reading "I am not Esther" most readers probably share her shock and disbelief at the ways of the strict religious community and probably wonder what goes on in the head of her peers (Rebecca and Rachel) who were born into the 'Children of the Faith' and know no other life. This book is told from the view of one of those peers, Rebecca, and it is fascinating. It is not an action packed story, and I certainly wouldn't describe it as a "psychological thriller' as the blurb on the back did but I was drawn in by Rebecca's struggles as she tried to 'follow the rule'. It was always going to be easier for most readers to identify with Esther/Kirby in the first book as she is a 'worldy' person than Rebecca but Fleur Beale did a wonderful job of making Rebecca a very believable. real character. A compelling sequel. less
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Loved this book - may need to read the book that Fleur Beale wrote as the first in this series.
I really enjoyed this book. Fleur Beale definitely knows how to write a captivating story.
A great follow on to I am Esther. Well worth the read.
Ok but not a patch on Esther...
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