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Princess Hyacinth: The Surprising Tale Of A Girl Who Floated (2009)

by Florence Parry Heide(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 2
0375845011 (ISBN13: 9780375845017)
Schwartz & Wade
review 1: “Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated)” by Florence Parry Heide is a super fun, lighthearted book perfect for a read-aloud story time. A librarian or teacher could present the dialogue and other text in the whimsical way it was intended. Parry Heide has written text that comes across as conversational and humorous, and it just works best when read out loud. The story is about Princess Hyacinth’s mysterious floating problem. When not weighted or tied down, the princess simply floats up in the air, higher and higher, until she is unreachable. This means she can only go out to play when she is wearing her heavy crown and clothes with weights sewn onto them. She is often bored because she cannot run around like the other children. The format of th... moreis book includes two-page spreads that include one page with an illustration and one page with text. The ink, oil, and computer-manipulated illustrations are funny and well done. The characters display a lot of personality, and Hyacinth and her friend Boy are really sweet and cute. The text is presented in different colors with varying sizes of font. It makes certain words and phrases stand out and will help early readers with text recognition. I would recommend this book for kindergarten through third grade readers.
review 2: A very cute book about a princess with a problem. I would use this book to talk about how friends can help each other solve problems that seem big and scary when we try to face them alone. I think it could also be used after a new student moves in to talk about how people who are different than us may have different skills and experiences that we can learn from just as the princess' new friend helped her find a solution to her problem. less
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A fun story overall, and I really love the illustrations. I disliked that Boy was named Boy though.
A satisfyingly weird story, well-told, and well-illustrated!
So cute, with great pictures! great read aloud book!
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