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Bliss, Remembered (2010)

by Frank Deford(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
1590203593 (ISBN13: 9781590203590)
Overlook Hardcover
review 1: I thought this book moved really slow in the beginning, but maybe it is true to real-life. An elderly woman telling her grown son a story and often gets side tracked. After the first 75 pages or so it really picks up. I love the Olympics and learning history. This book has both! I learned more about Germany, its citizens, and especially Berlin. I enjoyed the surprise twist at the end. A love story that is truly satisfying, at least it was for me.
review 2: Fictional story of a woman on the USA Olympic swim team in Berlin 1936 who falls in love with a German boy. The book is told as an interview with her son at the end of her life. It was very conversational and readable; I loved her character. There was a sense of mystery that kept me reading, and it didn
... more't disappoint. Thoroughly enjoyable. This isn't one of those WW II novels that has staying power or is very ponderable, though. Just a great story. less
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Coming of age, swimming prodigy, 1936 Olympics, intriguing life after olympics.
A woman's telling her grown son the love story of her life. Great book!
A slow start shouldn't put you off, the whole book is worth it.
Wasn't too sure about this one, but the ending sold me!
I LOVED this book.
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