MOVING TARGET – Lynette Eason

Elite Guardians #3.

There is nothing that helps the making of successful video games better than filming the hunting of real fleeing prey with cross-bow bolts and digitalising the action. Recipe: Drug Maddy McKay and Detective Quinn Holcombe, and take them to an isolated private island when you can hunt them down as they flee, a hundred cameras catching the action and mics to hear them scream…

Detective Quinn and his team are sniffing out clues to the whereabouts of a killer. But there is a list of who has to die and in what order.

Being the third in a series in which these two main characters feature is not a setback to starting here, as I did. What was unusual, and a little odd for a crime-fiction addict was the solid romantic thread, as well as the spiritual thread. It felt out of place in that Maddy seemed to almost be making it a condition of their relationship that Holcombe admit to needing some prayer and faith in his life.

Lynette Eason

Still, I enjoyed it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this tale to thriller addicts, regardless.

ARC from Revell Publishing of the Baker Publishing Group, via Michele Misiak through NetGalley. Thank you, and also to Karen Steele, US Publicist.

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