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Ginger The Gangster Cat (2014)

by Frank Kusy(Favorite Author)
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0957585152 (ISBN13: 9780957585157)
Grinning Bandit Books
review 1: Ginger is my guilty pleasure. This is a book meant for children but I have this awful weakness for bad-ass characters and I love Ginger as a gangster and a buddhist.Let's put Ginger into the literary tradition of the anti-hero. We have one in African literature, the man-spider who I so loved in my childhood. He was always up to no good, thoroughly selfish and ruthless, but it was such fun. And so is Ginger.Ginger invades the home of innocent Sparky and owners. My novel A Relative Invasion is about a boy who invades his cousin's life and home, so I would have a fellow feeling for this theme. However, Ginger is such fun!If you haven't any children to read to, do read it for yourself.
review 2: Great fun for kids and adults alikeI read this as a bedtime story to m
... morey two sprogs (aged 9 and 10). They both loved it. And I did, too, and found myself waiting impatiently for bedtime so I could get on with the next instalment. It’s a funny, naughty and lovable story about a cat that thinks it’s a gangster – but is actually too charming and considerate to be really bad. And cute little Sparky, the most lovable kitten in the world, with a secret talent. Ginger takes Sparky under his fat, ginger wings and persuades him to leave his beloved litter tray to go on a dodgy trip to Barcelona to load up with paella. The humans are all a bit dim – as you’d expect – but charming nevertheless, and the story has its own warped and weird logic which is great fun.And the good news at the end is that we’re told there’s a sequel on the way. less
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Loved it! Light and refreshing! All from the cats point of view....purrfect!
I really like this book. It was funny.
Loved this book.
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