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Yummy: The Last Days Of A Southside Shorty (2010)

by G. Neri(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 4
1584302674 (ISBN13: 9781584302674)
Lee & Low Books
review 1: This book is about a young boy joining a gang and making the wrong chooses My favorite part in this book is when Roger brother Gary,one of the Disciples no longer want to be apart of gang anymore and wanted to be apart of his familyYes i would recommend this book to a friend. Its a very interesting and sad sorry, i think a lot of young kids from all over the world can learn a lot from this book..
review 2: Yummy is true dystopia. It is the tragedy of an eleven-year-old kid caught up in the height of gang violence in 1994 in Chicago. The black-and-white art is mostly very effective, although it lead to some odd effects that occasionally stopped me cold. Neri tells the story through a peer of Yummy's, which enables him to collect the opinions of all sorts of peop
... morele. I particularly like that Neri didn't slight Yummy's victim, Shavon Dean. Mostly I love that Neri showed how Yummy was both a victim and a bully, a kid with a teddy bear and a repeat felon. It's easy to pretend that real people are either good or bad, and Neri took the time to show both sides, and the confusion that elicits in the people who knew Yummy.Library copy. less
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Incredible book. Gorgeous illustrations about such a dark, sad (but very well-written) story.
Heartbreaking. Eleven-year-old shoots and kills a 14-year-old girl, is then murdered himself.
This book made me sick to my stomach. It's important and well written. Good, sad stuff.
This book was a quick easy ride and it was okay!
A beautiful book about such a horrible thing.
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