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Howl And Harmony (2011)

by Gabrielle Evans(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 1
1610347854 (ISBN13: 9781610347853)
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Midnight Matings
review 1: I am really enjoying the Midnight Matings series and Howl and Harmony by Gabrielle Evans was a hoot. Called by the Council to mate, Milo Gavari, a hellhound, is pissed off that he might have to take a partner. He’s all set to cause a ruckus when he sees the beautiful Lark. Unable to stop himself, he claims Lark in the middle of the festivities. On the other hand, Lark is extremely happy about his mating, now only if his family would stop interfering and leave Milo and him alone, things would be perfect!What I truly liked about book eleven in this series was Lark. He was a shy, introverted man who had been living under the thumb of his over-protective aunts for so long that when he gets free, he’s so happy that his joy is infectious. Enter Milo, a gruff, seen-it-all hel... morelhound and you have the ideal combination for a couple. Throw in some hot sex, great secondary characters (Milo’s brother and partner are wonderful and I hope they get their own book) and this was a delightful read, and so far my favorite in the series. Easily recommended.P.S. Do Hades and Miles have their own book?Dark Divas Reviews
review 2: This one was very entertaining. As serious as it starts, by the time the mystery emerges and the two mates figure out things will be a little more complicated than they expected, the story changes pace. There is lots of fun and humor as they battle the unknown. And the ending? Just too cute. The situation may be serious but the way Lark and Milo deal with it, as well as the guys who help them, were just too funny.If you like unusual shifters and paranormals, a bit of mystery and want humor in your stories, you might like this one. less
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Was good book, had lot of fun while reading it and I love the main couple.
made it to 63% before giving up.
Another wonderful pair!!
cute and funny
3,5 stars
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