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Love And Chaos (2014)

by Gemma Burgess(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 4
1250000866 (ISBN13: 9781250000866)
St. Martin's Griffin
Brooklyn Girls
review 1: I actually didn't know there was a book that came before this one but I absolutely loved it! I'll probably go back and read the first one, as well as everything else by this author. Even though Angie is someone I can't personally relate to (a little too wild and flighty for me) I grew to know her and cheer her on throughout the story. The book makes you think about how much we are capable of changing if we set goals and stick to them, and all of the good that can come from it!
review 2: I didn't necessarily understand what a book hangover was until I read Gemma Burgess' 'Brokklyn Girls' books. Following the ups and downs of these girls is addicting. I get so invested in their lives, and when it ends, I want more!This book may have even been better than the firs
... moret - I loved Angie's journey.Can't wait for the next one - which I kinda hope is Madeline. At first I wanted it to be Julia, but I really want to understand why Madeline is the way she is. I want her backstory. less
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Real rating: it was ok. But I'm rating it a 3 because I love the friendships between the 5 girls.
When will I get the third book??? And who's it going to be about??
Loved it!
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