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The Land Across (2013)

by Gene Wolfe(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 5
0765335956 (ISBN13: 9780765335951)
Tor Books
review 1: Better than average "late period" Gene Wolfe. The Kafka meets Dracula premise is intriguing but the book as a whole doesn't entirely hang together. Unlike some other late Wolfe, the plot does broadly make sense. The afterward implies there may be some sort of political allegory going on, but I'm not sure I followed it. The narrator is supposed to be a travel writer, but his prose is terrible. Maybe that's just how Wolfe feels about travel writers:)
review 2: So I love Gene Wolfe. I have not disliked a single book I have read of his. I do feel that his last several books have been rushed, with swaths of story elided simply because Wolfe is getting old, and has plenty of work to get out before he leaves us. This is no different. Like the last six books, this
... morecould have been a trilogy, and the world would have been better off for it. That being said, it is Gene Wolfe, so it is worth your time. If you are considering this as your first of his novels, I would push you towards Shadow of the Torturer. If you are a fan, this will be fine. I will say that it has a wonderful quality of reading as though you were reading a book in a dream. less
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Somewhere between Dashiell Hammett and William Blake, there is Gene Wolfe.
I'm not quite sure why I persisted with it, very boring
Started out promising. Became a whodunnit.
This is not a good book.
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